Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah Palin, Ignoring The Obvious.

I watched the CNN video about Sarah Palin featuring bloggers like Jill.

I haven't read, watched or listened to all the commentary about her decision, but the more I do, the more I notice what others seem to be ignoring. It's Palin's family. She used the word "protect" in her explanation, and she gave the the vote of her kids re: whether to resign or not. You can hear baby babbles in the background, whether her young son or grandson isn't ascertainable.

Palin is a young woman, a mother of a large family with many needs. Her husband travels a lot. In one of the recordings I heard, she even mentioned how happy she was that he was able to be present at the event.

IMHO, she'd be a "friyer," Hebrew for "sucker" to waste her time, energy and money to run in 2012. Anyone who attempts that should know that it would be futile to run against Obama. The chance of winning is nil. American politics is changing/has changed, as Hilary Clinton learned the hard way.

No doubt the world will be hearing more from Sarah Palin, and no doubt that she'll keep surprising people.


josh said...

Claiming that Obama has no contender in the 2012 elections is simply ridiculous speculation at this time.

Batya said...

I didn't say "no contender," I said that no one has a chance against him, unless something very unexected happens. That's two different things. The Republicans, and the Democrats, at this stage show no strong leaders waiting to compete.
From what I've been able to understand from Palin's statements, she's not willing to subject her family to spending the next three years in the spotlight.
She's a wife and mother first, not an egomaniac politician.