Sunday, July 5, 2009

"They Took My Cottage Cheese" by Evelyn Hayes

They Took My Cottage Cheese

by Evelyn Hayes,

Author of "The Plague Series ( 3 volumes)," because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable,

a poetic diary 1993-2009

July 4, 2009, Checkpoints are for terrorists, I thought. But as Israel is opening checkpoints, those with the knives, guns, toy guns from towns where jihad thrives are going through unchecked. Where's my independence? I might be stopped from being a great grandma because they are being let go. Those unchecked might have weapons of mass destruction.

What about me? I don't mind being checked going into a super market, a shopping center, a hotel, a restaurant, a plane. Yes, that shoe bomber was on my Pan Am plane. Yes, the other TWA 800 passengers who were in the terminal with me were blown up. Yes, I was about to walk past Sbarro when it was blown up. Yes, my friend just passed the Moment Cafe a moment before it was blown up. Yes, my son was on Egged Bus #14, but was going the other way. Yes, my daughter was on the Brooklyn Bridge and saw the plane crash into the Twin Towers. Yes my son was in the Battery Tunnel below and saw ash covered people running in. He had to back out that September 11, 2001.

Because of Jihad, innocents have to show their licenses and sign into New York office buildings. Grandmas have to lift their satchels onto trolleys to go through x-rays at bus stations and NY office buildings. So, liberalism is liberating the jihad side and letting mix and mass get through checkpoints unchecked.

Risk and rash are the unleashing of terrorists while little old grandmas like me suffer because there are those who would do a Bombay nad make the mum-bye everywhere, but those from jihad country can have free play, liberal justice to do the unjust by their own authority.

I was travelling Swissair. They checked my bag, waist pack, computer. No liquids! They took my cottage cheese. I wanted to have a healthy snack. Remember, us innocents have to get to the airport three hours early. No drinks, no tooth paste, no wrinkle cream, no make up, no tweezers, nail clips. They make us take off our shoes- I can't even bend to retie the laces. Hats? Can't they see I'm innocent? Why can't they check the more likely guilty. I should explode, scream, "Do you want me to eat junk food? That's my cottage cheese?" How is Duty Free surviving when someone bought Buy Two One Free perfume and they confiscated it all - liquid you know.

So grandma me is being treated evenhandedly, like a criminal , a potential terrorist. So toddler, she, is getting her bottles nuked. No formula? What about nursing mother - the only liquid they let through. So Netanyahu is opening checkpoints, not checking potential law breakers when tourists can't even go into the Capitol Building, the Senate Building, the Courts without getting nuked.

Who is pushing the Jews to give up security? Why? Do they want us dead again? Will the tunnels into Gaza never end? Hundreds, SOOO deep. Liberalism is not liberating; it's aiming at the good and letting killers kill.

They took my cottage cheese, blame me for trying to stay healthy and alive. There's obamanomics; it broke the banks and granny's purse got thin. Is this an obama-comic? They took my cottage cheese? Will I have to buy junk food? I think liberalism is junky. It blows off your face. Don't you think it's junky, too? My independence is dependent on check points especially when they let jihad out of jail. Give me settlement anytime.


rickismom said...

Yes, last time I went to America, I also had problems with dietetic food and no liquids, as well as having a small enough container of pudding that I could give Ricki her Concerta with (so she wouldn't terrorize anyone, te-he!).
May I recoment diet jello powder?

Hadassa said...

rickismom, won't they suspect that the powder is Anthrax?
What's really annoying about the security that Grandma Hayes described is not only that it's necessary, but that in order to be P.C. some countries do not profile. Airport security in America included (still includes?) thoroughly examining every tenth traveler, even if the tenth was a Grandma Hayes and the ninth was a dark skinned 20 year old man wearing a jallabiyah.