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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obama Doesn't Know Bupkes About The Holocaust!

I entered the living room "for a second," was about to go to sleep and had even missed the end of Leonard Cohen Concert on TV in order to put a freshly washed sheet on my bed. All his songs sound the same; don't they?

And the late news went on Israel's Chanel One. They said that Obama was very moved by his visit to Africa (could it be true that he was born there?) as United States President. Shocked I was to hear Obama compare, as similar, the Holocaust and slavery. Just a couple of weeks ago, he said the same about the sic Palestinian Arabs here.

One thing for sure. He doesn't know bupkes about history. The Holocaust was the systematic state supported murder, attempted annihilation of an entire People, the Jewish People, and some other groups the Nazis didn't want to exist. Ten Million human beings were murdered, among them, six million Jews.

Nothing like that ever happened to the Arabs. Black African slaves were valuable "products." Nobody wanted them destroyed or killed. And talking about Arabs and black slaves... Who ran the slave trade? Yes, Arabs!

So how can U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama identify with both the Arabs and the black African slaves?

There's only one answer. Obama doesn't know bupkes about history.


josh said...

Is Barack a revisionist?

I think we've given him enough slack and no more is needed. Barack Hussein has shown that he is in fact talking like a typical ignorant pro-Arab supporter. He has been eating and swallowing pro=Arab propaganda and actually believes it enough to mention it out load through his teleprompters. His ignorant speechwriters must love being able to churn out this crap like a poor essay they hand in after copy some material from some other place.

Batya said...

Never thought of it, but true. His knowledge of "history" isn't true history. He has been fed propoganda and lies. And those lies have become mainstream. We see it here in Israel, too. That's post-Zionism.