Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vigil, Anyone?

I'm extremely heartened by the response to my post, I'm Not Going To Be At That Demonstration.

Many caring and thinking and dedicated Jews, Israelis and righteous gentiles agree that Israel is responsible for its own security and independence. The problems and the source of our problems are neither Obama, the United States, Europe nor the United Nations.

Our Israeli politicians must cease their worship of foreign leaders. It doesn't matter what an American President says or demands. We're wearing the "ruby slippers" and we must say "no." The power, the force is with us. We just have to recognize it and activate it.

We don't need one-time large or even massive demonstrations. I picture small vigils, of an hour or so, for two or more people at a time. The location should be The Israeli Prime Minister's Residence. A small demonstration/vigil does not need a police permit, just a clearly written sign or two. It should be in English and Hebrew and any other languages.

All we are saying is:

Bibi: Israel is an Independent Country
Bibi: Do What's Best For Israel and Israel Only
Bibi: Don't Take Orders From Foreign Leaders

I'd suggest always photographing the vigils and sending out the pictures and reports. Please contact me if you're interested in this sort of protest. shilohmuse at gmail dot com Thank you


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