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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"I'd Rather See You Jailed Than Dead."

There has always been a strange double-standard when it comes to Israeli self-defense. The world, and too many Jews, have been "turned on" by the images of the ragged, starving Jews discovered in the ruins of Nazi Concentration Camps. The international do-gooders are comfortable with weak malnourished Jews and don't feel threatened by them.

No other country, only Israel, is expected to absorb constant terrorism, bombs and rockets. Only Israel is required to fight a war with "restraint." And very unfortunately, very dangerous indeed, the Israeli media and self-appointed morality experts keep trying to brainwash us that it's a legitimate request.

Obama to U.S. Jewish leaders: Israel must engage in self-reflection

Actually, I agree, but I expect very different conclusions. Let's return to the title, what a neighbor said to her husband and sons:

"I'd Rather See You Jailed Than Dead."

Self-defense is to stay alive. Think of your own life first.

We don't owe anything to our enemies, nor foreign countries, nor the United Nations.

Those who hesitate are those who get attacked and killed. We are the continuation of the Jewish Nation whose history is recorded in the Bible. Yes, that very same Bible westerners, including United States President Barack Hussein Obama swears on. By denying our full national rights to our entire historic homeland they prove themselves liars.

Reflect on That!


Hadassa said...

I seem to remember a certain group of Jews calling for "havlaga", restraint, about 61-62 years ago. We always get into trouble when we suggest unwise methods to ourselves, especially when others listen.

Mike Freund had a great quote a few years ago. He and his wife were in America visiting family and Israel was suffering terror attacks, as usual. His wife went to have a manicure. Part of the conversation was the following:
"What's with your country (Israel)?"
"Well, the government is worried about what America will say."

The manicurist stopped, looked at Mrs. Freund and said: "But they're killing you."

Freund wrote that there was more sense in what the manicurist said than in anything any of the politicians were saying. I agree.

Batya said...

Hadassa, brilliant comment, hits the spot!

Hadassa said...

Isn't it embarrassing when a manicurist has more sense than a supposedly better educated politician? Could it be that people tend to lose their sense of normal self defense when they try to be too smart?

goyisherebbe said...

Part of the problem is that an intellectual like Obama has to sound like he is saying something new and creative. The manicurist doesn't have those pretensions, so she just sticks to common sense.
We have to get that common-sense message to the American government and public. Unfortunately the prevailing winds in the US are giving the message of compromising their own security, so why should they care about someone else's -- unless it's in their economic or political interest, of course.

Batya said...

Hadassa, goyish, we need to hear that common sense from Israel, from ordinary Israelis, ordinary Jews all over the world, and then the rest of the world will follow, G-d willing.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oy vey, and am I tired to death by all that self-reflection lately...

Batya said...

I'd like the other side to self-reflect for a change. Maybe they'll realize that they've been barking up the wrong ....