Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where's World Jewry? May I Admit Jealousy?

Hat tip IMRA

About a hundred well-meaning, misguided Americans are about to enter Gaza with about a million dollar$ worth of gifts for the Arab terrorists there.

The Arabs in Gaza and the "PA" have received more gifts, foreign funding per capita than any other group of people anyplace else. That frees them for their "hobbies," like making kassams to launch at Israel and teaching their kids to hate Jews and Israelis.

My neighbors and I don't get financial help. Jews don't come here to offer their assistance and rarely come to tour Tel Shiloh. It's not on their "must see list."

Just this afternoon, I heard some of my neighbors saying that they can't afford to take their kids to the Tuesday afternoon activities in the park because of the entrance and workshop fees. These activities are sometimes free, but our teenagers are using them as a fundraising tool. Shiloh Youth are going to sponsor a camp for children sick with cancer. That really is wonderful, and I'm proud of them. But not all of the families here have enough money, so not all the local children can attend this afternoon's event.


Hadassa said...

Most of the problem is the PR that Israel has. The "erev rav", inside the land of Israel and around the world, is to blame for most of that. It's always been that our worst enemies have been insiders that slandered their fellow Jews. Sometimes it's because of misguided ideology, and sometimes it's for personal gain.

Batya said...

Hadassa, so true
We have an up hill battle ahead of us.