Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Electric" Words Have Power, Too

According to Jewish Law, all of our words have power. We have to be very careful about what we say about others. Even "gossiping" nice things are forbidden.

The internet, blogging, facebook, twitter etc are now proving examples of how careless words prove expensive.

A woman is being sued after twittering something nasty about her landlord. Her twitter account is "public," and apparently the company she rents from has a "search" which discovered the mention.

Facebook isn't any safer (more private.)

"Lee Landor, a shoot-from-the-lip aide to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, was booted over her commentary on the arrest of black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates." (complete article)

She said:
"I get it -- white men have dominated for hundreds of years and there's a lot of anger there. But HOW MUCH MORE can the white people do to correct past injustices of their ancestors?"

Not only is "big brother" listening. Anyone can tune in.

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