Monday, January 5, 2009

Rally for Israel in New York

Show your support for Israel’s War on Terror!
Tuesday January 6th at 12 30pm
in front of the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan,
42nd Street at Second Avenue
come out in support and stand strong with us

Please bring friends, family, colleagues, members of your Churches & Synagogues. We have gotten a great response: Some of the many sponsoring organizations: Fuel for Truth, UJA, AJC, ZOA, Act for America, National Council of Young Israel, CJC-AMCHA, AFSI, Mothers Against Terrorism, Students for Peace in the Middle East, Betar, Aish and Hasbara Fellowships, Northeast Queens JCC , Westchester Jewish Conference and more.

Thousands of rockets have been launched by the terrorist organization Hamas into Southern Israel since Israel left Gaza in the name of peace. Actually, the terrorists have been launching missiles at southern Israel for almost eight years! Israel has the right to defend herself.

Please come and show your support for Israel’s war on terror.

If you have an organization that would like to participate, please contact Meredith


Anonymous said...

wherever one is in israel, america, wherever, if you can: get a big israeli flag and just stand on a busy corner and wave it. say tehilim, sing songs, and wave the flag.

in some parts of europe it may be dangerous. but do it wherever you can!

Batya said...

Good idea!

That's what we did in 1967.