Sunday, January 4, 2009

15 Seconds Don't Last Long

Watch this! It last just over fifteen seconds, the amount of time, maximum amount of warning the people of Sderot have between the sound of the alarm and the missile's landing.

The movie is in Hebrew, but it's just counting. So when you hear the little girl start counting, count the seconds in your own language.

How far could you run in fifteen seconds?

How far can you run...
  • when you're dressed and awake?
  • when you're asleep?
  • when you're pouring boiling water?
  • when you're taking a shower?
  • when you're diapering a squirming, dirty baby?
  • when you're on the toilet?
  • when you're...

Think of all the normal situations a person can be in during twenty-four hours, forty-eight hours, longer even... The Arab terrorists have been launching missiles on Sderot for over seven years.

Thanks to Pesky Settler, here it is in English:


Pesky Settler said...

Youtube has it in English with the text...

Batya said...

pesky, thanks