Wednesday, March 21, 2007

While waiting... at the "border"

Most of you probably know by now that I hate waiting. Sometimes I take pictures, and that's what I did today. After the pool I went to the Pisgat Zeev Mall and bought a wedding present. At the store I saw a "pool friend" who was going in my direction. She dropped me off at the bus stop at Hizmeh, the border between Jerusalem and the road to Maale Adumim and the road north to the Mateh Binyamin communities, which includes Shiloh.

I stood waiting and finally took out my camera and shot these pictures. The wall is a waste and won't provide security, but the new set-up for checking cars is better than the previous one. Yes, the cars must be checked, since terrorists do try to get in with explosives. But as you can probably see, there are ways other than by car.

going north from Jerusalem

checking cars to Jerusalem, wall in background

checking cars to Jerusalem

The wall, leaving Jerusalem.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that the army dispensed with checkpoints near the Arab villages and at many junctions in the heart of Samaria. Also army presence is not felt as much as it should on the roads. Instead, for political reasons, they concentrate all their security checks at these so called border posts, with the thought that they really will become border posts.Are you coming to Homesh? Whether we get there or get put down by brute force, this is the beginning of something big - on condition that many come and that there is a fighting spirit.

Batya said...

This one is to "protect" Jerusalem.