Saturday, March 17, 2007

missing blogs--no joke

It seems like something has taken over the Bagel Blogger and Baleboosteh, jbloggers' premeir blogging couple. Commercial sites pop up instead of their blogs. They haven't been answering their mail either.

I was hoping that I'd find them back in jblogging business after Shabbat, but no change.

I'm not using their blog addresses in the post. There may be some sort of virus.

Bagel Blogger is known for his graphics and did the first two jpix carnivals, and the Baleboosteh was supposed to host the Kosher Cooking Carnival this week.

I'd appreciate any news of their health and that of their kids. I hope it's just a computer problem. Does anyone have any other way of contacting them or know the rabbi they consult with?

Shavua Tov


yitz said...

Batya, Check out this link:

Seems like he pulled off his blog, I guess his wife followed suit.

Batya said...

thanks, yitz
It's the first time I saw that blog. I try to stay away from jblog nastiness. Blogging is supposed to be fun.

yitz said...

Unfortunately, there's a lot of nastiness in the JBlogosphere. [What ever happened to THAT site, BTW?]. In fact, Jews bashing other Jews is one reason that blogging is off limits to some people

Batya said...

how sad

Daniel Greenfield said...

there are spammers who watch when google indexed blogs are deleted and quickly register their address and redirect it to one of their sites

it's a shame about bagel and balaboosteh's sites

anyone who decides to leave blogging, is strongly urged to not delete their sites, but instead delete their posts if they feel they need to, but leave the blog itself up

Batya said...

Thanks, that explains it, especially since some former jblogs are now porn sites with suspiciously possible viruses attached.
The bb's aren't answering their mail, either. I hope it didn't effect their personal, spiritual plans.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point S.Knish. Leave the blog where it's at.

It won't be Big Brother; it will be Little Brother.

Wearing the demoralizing "Orwell is fascinating" badge, dragging a socially stratified inferiority complex from university to university and internet setup to internet setup; Little Brother (sometimes disguised as little sister) usually wants everyone to know how clever and accomplished he/she is. So they out themselves almost everytime; at some point in the game.

The psychology is still anchored in the (their) subconcious and they'll lose their friendliness, at least briefly, when their team takes a loss.

I wouldn't post this but there's a pattern at this blog listing. Some people are beaten down and gain their reason to exist by setting up others.
In the States there are some prominent RightWing political blogs that have all the earmarks of long-term Leftist games. They'll do it for years "and" make money selling adspace. Some even appear in Wash.D.C. every weekend to demoralize the troops, the working class foot soldiers, with "anti"War protests which do nothing but promote war.

Maybe someone is having a bad season.. They're going bonkers here in the States; it's a freeforall. Big money is on vacation and the b-team sings a different song everyday; osama/obama.

psychological mayhem.

If anything, people should be praying for the "3" hostages everyday and watching everything the local Arabs are doing because that's the everyday routine threat.