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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Language Disability

Yes, I must admit that I have a serious language disability, at least in written Hebrew. After almost 37 years in Israel, I am still totally dependent on English newspapers and write only the shortest things in Hebrew, terrified of spelling bloopers.

I do speak Hebrew and understand just about everything my middle-aged diminishing hearing gets into my brain.

Much too often I find myself telling neighbors and co-workers that I've written important things, but only in English. And then I tell them, in perfectly acceptable Hebrew, what I had written.

Should I attempt a Hebrew blog, or periodically try to post a simple translation of what I've written here?

One of the things holding me back is that my Hebrew typing is much slower than my English, which would never get me a secretarial position any place. I learned English touch-typing in the 7th grade in JHS 74, Bayside, (on the way to Fresh Meadows,) Queens, NYC. It was the during the days of manual typewriters, and we sat ramrod straight, looking at the page beside us. In all honesty, I must say that it was the most useful thing I ever learned in school. I used to say that sewing and typing were the most useful things, but I no longer sew; the Singer died over 15 years ago. Another important thing I learned was to rip the lettuce, not to use a knife...

I was a terrible typing student, with tons of mistakes and too slow, yes, much too slow. But somehow, the lessons were effective in that the key placement became ingrained in my brain, so I touch the correct keys without thinking at all.

Back to the subject...
Should I take the plunge and start blogging a bit in Hebrew? Would people read it? I'm sure that the Hebrew spellcheck on oldblogger is no better than the English one. New blogger has a far superior spellcheck, but so far, newblogger has refused to accept this blog, and I really don't want to open a whole new one. It's just too much to handle.

Does anyone know what's happening in the Hebrew blogsphere?


marcel said...

vous pouvez poster vos infos sur jewisheritage
a bientot


Batya said...

I never studied French and don't understand what you wrote