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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Haifa's in danger, not Shiloh!

I've written about this so many times, but people refuse to believe it.

The Arabs are not interested in Shiloh. They're interested in Haifa, Beersheva and the trendy neighborhoods of Jerusalem. They want Ramat Aviv, too.

They want the houses and land they fled from, and it doesn't matter that it was their Arab leadership which told them to flee. They were promised an Arab victory, and they would get the "spoils" of the war.

Israeli Leftists, living happily in Jerusalem's Emek Refa'im and Ramat Aviv, keep preaching that "peace" will come if Arab refugees are given homes like mine in Shiloh, G-d forbid, but they never checked their story with the Arabs.
Jerusalem - Ma'an - The Palestinian minister of refugee affairs, Atif Adwan, has warned of an American-Israeli conspiracy against the Palestinian refugees' right of return. He added that deporting Palestinian refugees in the Arab countries to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will just serve the Israeli interests and hopes, as these refugees should be returned to their original towns and cities... continued
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benning said...

Israeli Leftists, living in Emek Refa'im and Ramat Aviv, should be made to move. Ship them to one of the settlements, and then let the Arabs immigrate there. We'll see how long before they flee or demand protection.

Leftists! The Clueless.

Batya said...

No Jew should have to move, even Leftists in Ramat Aviv.