Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Bissel more Balanced than Usual

There are two articles about Israel in the latest online edition of Newsweek, which I get via email. Amazingly, neither had me slamming the delete button.

According to my own order of things...

The first is part of their ongoing series of "Four Hours in..." This time, they're visiting Jerusalem. I cringed before clicking. Was this going to be another of those articles praising the American Colony Hotel and Arab hospitality?

Surprisingly, it isn't, not at all. Even the restaurant is Kosher. You rarely find that even in the Jerusalem Post.

The second article, also, rather well-balanced is a feature interview with Noam Schalit, whose son Gilad was kidnapped by Arab terrorists. It's sympathetic and well-written.

I'm just curious as to why the sudden change. Is there a new bureau chief in the Jerusalem office?


Daniel Greenfield said...

well I'm assuming it's not Joshua Hammer... he was unbelievably foul, but the roots of that became clear from his rather nasty book about visiting his brother who had become religious

Batya said...

I didn't even pay attention to the writers, etc. I was so shocked by the articles themselves. Shocked in a good sense.