Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New pictures of Chomesh from Yonathan Gormezano

These very special pictures were sent to me by Yonathan Gormezano.
thanks so much!

Mazal Tov to Limor, her husband, his family, her older children and all the Har Melech family.


Anonymous said...

A few explanations about the pictures:
The topmost picture shows the Eliahu Hanavi chair (where the Sandak sits)being carried from the bus, which after a lot of pressure, was allowed to bring the family and the newborn to Homesh.
The next picture down was taken from the top of the water tower - the only structure still standing in town.
The third picture down shows Itshak planting an avocado kernel in the ground. These are the grounds of the destroyed house of Shuli Har Melech (who was murdered by Arab terrorists and whose widow Limor, who remarried, is the mother of the newborn who had the brit). We asked one of the family where he wanted an Avocado tree, and on the designated spot we dug a hole and planted the seed, so that their children may enjoy an avocado tree.
The fourth picture down shows a few of us on the way to Homesh - a two and a half hour trek across beautiful countryside.The sign says "Remove the Hametz from within us - these are the lefties, and it will be ok".
The bottom picture shows the crowd greeting the bus bringing the newborn and the family to Homesh for the brit. The bus was delayed for a long period of time because the government did not want the brit to take place in Homesh.
Pessah Sameah, Yoni

Batya said...

thanks again
chag kashe v'sameach