Thursday, March 1, 2007

"...Who performed a miracle in this place"

The blessing "...Who performed a miracle in this place" is recited on seeing, for the first time in 30 days (218:3;224:13), a place where a miracle was performed for the Jewish people (218:1-3) or for a specific person (see 218:2,7-8;224:3). Similarly, a person recites a blessing on seeing a place where a miracle was performed for him or for one of his ancestors or teachers, or on seeing a person for whom a miracle was performed (218:4-6), especially if the miracle involved a supernatural event; see 218:9.

Part I: Orach Chayim

Shulchan Aruch, Copyright (c) 2000 Project Genesis, Inc.

the place 2

the place 1
I don't believe in looking back, and I rarely glance at that corner where I was run over by an Arab terrorist. But this week is the week of the date when 11 years ago I was run over. Yes, I've been thinking about it a lot. But yesterday, when I was dropped off just across from it, I knew I had to look and say the blessing and photograph it.

Last year I walked over and stood there. It was freaky, since the bus stop was in Arabic. Yes, ever since we started going on a new road and new bus stop, there aren't any "Jewish bus lines" there. Arabs travel on all the buses, but Jews aren't allowed on the Arab ones.


Soccer Dad said...

I make the bracha nearly every day, without Hashem's name. In the past almost 16 years I don't think I've gone a month without passing by where we had an accident. (sub-compact vs. 18 wheeler) We all walked away.

Batya said...

that's something
a real miracle
Do you get heavier cars now?

Soccer Dad said...

Well I have to have bigger cars. We have 6 children boruch Hashem!
Every year my brother - who was driving - and I make a Seudas Hodaah.

In the months following the accident there were a number of fatal truck accidents in Maryland where the car was crushed not pushed.

Batya said...

It's good to continue to thank G-d. I feel that I should do more.