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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Out of proportion, no, Worse!

There has been a post from IMRA in my inbox these past few days. It's the article from the Arab news agency telling how many Arabs are allowed to visit the Arab terrorists in Israel jails. Yes, Israel is very welcoming and generous to its enemies.

Bethlehem - Ma'an - In February, 16,372 Palestinians traveled to 23 Israeli places of detention and visited 7,012 relatives in detention, according to the February report of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). This was down from December 2006, when the ICRC enabled 17,767 Palestinians to travel to 23 Israeli detention centres to visit 7,447 relatives held in Israeli detention. click for complete article

Maybe I'm being a bit simplistic, but shouldn't Israel be demanding equal rights, quid pro quid, or whatever it's called? Instead of attacking last summer, maybe we should have cancelled all those "humanitarian gestures?" Wasn't the war to get back our captured soldiers?

Honestly, why should we accept such abuse from the Red Cross? I'm almost sitting on my hands to keep them from typing what they can do....

We give those "humanitarian" organizations lots more than we've ever received. Enough! No more visits to Arab terrorists until all of our boys, alive and dead are back here in Israel!!!


yitz said...

You're absolutely right! Also the phrase is "quid pro quo". At least the Israeli gov't has finally admitted that it was a WAR that was fought last summer!

Batya said...

thanks for the correction