Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Arab Mansions Part 2

also see: Arab Mansions Part 1

Here's the second of the series of Arab buildings between Shiloh and Jerusalem. I took these pictures last Succot (October), and since then so many more magnificent mansions and luxury apartment houses have been built, that it seems necessary to photograph again. Thanks to the neighbor who drove me around. All of the photos were taken from the main road. My camera only has 4x optical zoom. With a better zoom, more and better pictures could be taken.

Many of the large apartment buildings seem unoccupied. I presume that money is coming from abroad. My great fear is that they are camouflaged military bases, like those discovered in Southern Lebanon. That's because there doesn't seem to be any logic for the placement of some of the buildings, besides strategically overlooking our roads.

And, yes, they are much larger than anything to be found in Shiloh.

large villa
new villa
large new building
buildings on a hillside


Esser Agaroth said...

B"H You know how going north, coming out of Vadi Kharamiyah, on the left there is a big cement structure? Do think that's a tennis court or a pool? Yeah, it's very important to get the truth out about those "poor" Arabs. I've heard that I bunch of the houses near Tumous Aiyah and north of Ofrah are empty. The Arabs are trying to chrop land, but those houses are not being used for any housing needs.

Batya said...

Do you really think that structure is that innocent?
Yes, many are empty.

Anonymous said...

1) There are incredibly large and beautiful, but unoccupied, mansions in Israeli Arab villages too. I don't get it.

2) It could be that the average Arab is not actually 50 times richer than the average Jew, but that each of these mansions is occupied by a large extended family. Whereas with Jews, each smaller family buys a separate apartment in a different place.

Batya said...

These are new and fancy, even if it was for a new branch of a clan, how come there's such a massive and luxurious collection of houses wherever I look?
Maybe some of the missing money is filtering down...