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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Israel pimping to get more tourists

Yes, that's part of the "we're a fun place, not a war zone" pr strategy. Israel has arranged to have a variety of top models show whatever to Maxim Magazine to attract more male tourists between the ages of 18-35.

The nine-person Maxim team, including photographers, a reporter, hairstylists and make-up people, will arrive for a five-day photo-shoot on Tuesday, using Tel Aviv-Jaffa - and the old and new motif - as a backdrop for the photographs.

The glossy magazine, launched in the US in 1997, boasts a circulation of "around 2.5 million" and claims to be the "#1 men's lifestyle magazine in both the country and the world."

The magazine features revealing pictorials of scantily clad actresses, models, singers and the "girl next door" interspersed among articles on sports, cars, movies, booze and relationships.


Daniel Greenfield said...

Livni's brilliant idea no doubt

Batya said...

She's sure some strange creature.