Friday, March 16, 2007

Olmert's "How to Succeed" Tactics

Olmert's a pro at internalizing and demonstrating the tactics and techniques in all the "how to succeed" books.

His latest "I'm not a popular prime minister" statement was repeated over and over and over.

Olmert said that his decreasing popularity might have been halted if he had "caved in to pressure" to increase public spending or launched a public relations campaign in response to a series of political corruption allegations. (complete article)

Of course he claimed that he did it for the good of the country, to show his strength against pressure.

And there's a physical change in his image; he stopped trying to comb his remaining hair over his baldness. If he thinks it makes him look more honest, sorry, Ollie.

In the meantime, the caring public is waiting to see what, if any, criticisms of Olmert, will come out of the Winograd Commission. Olmert appointed it, making it hard to believe that they will do the job in the professional and objective way the Israeli people deserve.

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