Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unequal Before Israeli Law?

I have neither the time nor the patience for a long-winded, full-length op-ed style post. I trust that you can fill in the blanks.

Why isn't MK Ibrahim Sarsour (UAL-TA'AL) being tried for sedition? (hat tip IMRA) He's quoted as saying:

"Just as the Muslims once liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders, so must we today believe that we can liberate Jerusalem. It is not an impossible dream," he said. (click for complete article)
Nadia Matar has been prosecuted with the heaviest weight of the law for doing much less.

On Sept. 10, 2006, Jerusalem Magistrate David Mintz dismissed the indictment against Matar, but on Nov. 23 the state appealed the acquittal in Jerusalem's District Court. A decision was still pending.
"The judges are favorable to accepting the appeal on political grounds, but it is difficult from a judicial perspective," defense attorney Yoram Sheftel said. (click for complete article)

Teenage anti-Disengagement demonstrators are considered enemies of the state. (hat tip IMRA)

Judge Hanan Efrati appeared to justify the behavior of police charged with assaulting an anti-withdrawal protester during a demonstration in 2005. Efrati suggested that police were defending an Israeli government besieged by massive protests against its decision to expel 16,000 Jews from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank. "These were not ordinary times or ordinary demonstrations," Efrati, a judge in the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court, said. "This was like in a war." (Click for complete article)
So, again, why aren't Israeli Arabs prosecuted at least to the same extent?

And now for the really big question--

Who is really endangering the State of Israel?


KennewickMusing said...

Just tried to post and it didn't go through.

Batya, you said: "So, again, why aren't Israeli Arabs prosecuted at least to the same extent?

And now for the really big question--

Who is really endangering the State of Israel?"

I could and have said the same thing (change names accordingly) about the USA.
"Who is really endangering the United States?" ---- it sure ain't Israel, or Jews, or Christians, or Hindus...Oh I get it! It's ...."Muslims"

Daniel Greenfield said...

it's the government that in the end is endangering the state, the elites that have chosen to destroy the country's morale and morals

Batya said...

great comments from both of you

benning said...

kennewickmusing said it correctly. Here in the States, we've watched and listened as the 'extremist' Right (usually meaning the Religious Right) has been used as a boogieman for nearly three decades. Why? Because the Klan, and various sympatico groups such as the Aryan Nation, have been labeled 'right-wing'. Who labeled them? The Left and the MSM. Thus, while the Muslims have been killing Americans at least since 1968, the MSM and the Leftists have all but refused to see it. No, it's not the violent Muslims that are dangerous, it's the Christians and the religious Jews!

Sue them for incitement. Sue them for 'hate speech'. Sue them until they surrender. But say nothing against the peaceful Muslims!

No, indeed, we must protect them against the violent Christian and Jewish extremists! Insanity! But there are a few large, legal groups who have taken on the Left, and its willing partners in the MSM, and in the education establishment. They have managed a few courtroom wins against very few losses. They can stand on the U.S.Constitution and demand the rights guaranteed there. Something the Left can do only when they wish to destroy opposition.

It's not enough, but it's a start, and it does give us all a little hope!

Batya said...

At least you have a constitution. The judicial here considers their "morality" to be law.