Thursday, March 15, 2007


Names have power. Recently, more and more people, troubled about their lives for various reasons, are going to "wise men" for name consultations and then receive new names. It's also more acceptable for Jewish parents to name a baby son prior to the Brit Milah, if for medical reasons it must be delayed.

Last summer's war, when Lebanon (Hezbollah controls Southern Lebanon) attacked northern Israel, was never named by the Israeli Government. It was referred to as the "Second Lebanese War," but it never had an official name. That's because there never was a real Battle Plan. Israel just reacted. It never made any attempt to defeat the enemy. Words like "reduce" and "diminish" were used.

Simply put:
No name
No aim

Parents of the soldiers who were killed in the war consider its namelessness an added pain and offense, especially since the government and military are referring to it as an "operation," a much lesser military "action."
They plan to go grave-to-grave installing plaques with the phrase: "Fell in the War in Southern Lebanon."


benning said...

It was no war, in Israeli terms. Had it been, Lebanon would have been taken, Syria demolished, and possibly Iran would have several large craters where their nuclear power facilities once stood.

It isn't the naming so much as the unwillingness of government types to explain why they slapped the terrorist and their enablers on the wrist. They should have destroyed them.

Batya said...