Monday, March 26, 2007

It's up to us!

Yes, it is up to us.

If we act strongly, independently and with confidence, then we'll be treated as such.

Look at what just happened. Eretz Yisrael activists announced a return to Chomesh. The government threatened, ranted and raved, but the activists held firm, and now here are the headlines:

'There is no point in stopping the march to Homesh'

Return to Homesh: IDF Will Cooperate

Dozens march to Homesh under tight security


yitz said...

Oh really? I thought it was up to HaKadosh Baruch Hu!
Of course, Kol HaKavod to those brave souls who went, or are on their way, to Chomesh today. But let's face it, until we have a gov't that wants to insure our security by dismantling first the terror groups called Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al-Aksa brigades, Fatah, and even the "palestinian authority," we are talking small potatoes. Yes, every small step counts & I hope this one has a lasting effect. It remains to be seen how long Ollie and his fools will tolerate this, though.
Sorry to add a somewhat downbeat note to this glorious event, but let us hope & pray that Moshiach is on his way, and may it be soon!
HaPitaron hayachid - Moshiach ben David!

Batya said...

G-d's not going to waste His Moshiach on a bunch of ingrates. We had a chance 40 years ago and blew it.
Being depressed won't help, sorry.

yitz said...

You seem to have misunderstood me. Firstly, I'm not depressed, just trying to bring a realistic aspect to the tone of your post. You say, "It's up to us," and I agree to a certain extent. But Olmert & his cronies have not really changed, and unless there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, who will stand up to his nonsense, 5000 kids who went up to Chomesh yesterday [and AGAIN, I say, Kol HaKavod to them!!!], will not really change things. So yes, it's up to us, to the extent that WE ALL do something. But ULTIMATELY, it's really up to G-d and His Plan for His Holy Land and His People.
However, I sense a certain despair in YOUR comment to me, as if Moshiach can't come now. He can, and if IT'S UP TO US, if we try enough and do what we're supposed to, HE WILL!!!!

Batya said...

Pesach cleaning always does that to me.
We have to concentrate on what we can and must do, not chase our tails trying to figure out Olmert and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the success of everything is certainly G-d's will; but it is our duty to put supreme effort into performing every Mitzva, including the founding a kingdom of priests on earth, which is what Eretz Israel is (a mitzvah weighed against all others). And small steps can change the mind-set of a lot of people, leading to great things.
Secondly, the people who came to Homesh and stayed for one or two nights were of all ages, including families who came to re-establish the community, and also the Rav Shmuel Eliahu who gave us much Tora and braved the cold and the wind just like the rest of us.
Even though the evil g-dless government managed to expel most of us, as I write, a number of youths have managed to come back after hiding in the hills.
May G-d bless all those who went up to Homesh and especially the pioneering youth who to this hour are still braving it in Homesh and the surrounding hills!

Batya said...

and thanks for the pictures