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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Israel's Tnuva, now British?

Shocking news on the Israeli food scene! At least it's shocking for the naive consumer. Tnuva, Israel's veteran and largest dairy plus company was just bought out by a British firm!

Apparently, the Israeli kibbutzim, which own it need the billion dollar$ to cover their debts. The upper-middle-class lifestyle, which the kibbutzim enjoy now, yes, very far from their Spartan past, can't be covered by their business profits, especially since they no longer have monopolies in the Israeli market.


benning said...

It's rare these days for a small farm, dairy, or baker to survive. That's why "Grandma Otto's Eggs" are not as expensive as they should be.

Long as they follow the same rules - I assume the new owners will keep the kosher laws, if they apply - then the prices will probably come down a tad.

Once the "producers" decide to suck up the profits to live easier lives, the expenses grow. Think "Disney" to understand that idea!

Batya said...

They aren't small farms. It's big agri-business. They had a monopoly for many years, but then it was opened up. That's how Gush Katif's agriculture did well, and that's why GK was destroyed, IMHO.