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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Eurovision Publicity

I wouldn't venture a guess as to the final results in the Eurovision contest, but one thing for sure. Israel's entry has gotten more pre-publicity than any other song. Now Newsweek has mentioned it!

I'd guess that publicity is good. It will make it more difficult for the Eurovision heads to declare it "unsuitable." Of course, I may be wrong...


Newsweek International
March 12, 2007 issue - "I wanna see the flowers bloom, don't wanna go kaput-kaboom."
The lyrics to "Push the Button," a song about nuclear annihilation nominated by Israelis as their entry in this year's Eurovision Song Contest


yitz said...

Batya, Thank you for keeping this song on our minds & in our hearts. Though I am not a great fan of Tipex [Teapacks? It's the first I hear of them being referred to as this...] music, I think their song has a very important message, which is couched in the "popular" music style of today.
And please remind your readers to scroll below, to find links to this song, the video, and another song of theirs. Or better still, add those links to this one, so those of us who are too lazy to scroll down thru all your other wonderful stuff can have the links readily available.
And the idea that EuroVision would ban an anti-war, anti-nuke song just belies the inherent prejudice that Europe has for anything Jewish or Israeli. "We haveta be politically correct, even if it means supporting fanatic Islam." Oh, really???

Batya said...

Thanks Yitz
I have the links in previous posts. My expert in the popular groups says that this group is special. I have no doubt. I'm getting very fond of that wacky song. It has a better message than John Lennon's "Imagine..."