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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Don't be Hypocrites!

Great, though uncredited, picture from Arutz 7!

For all of those who worship democracy, respect and recognize the fact that the sic "palestinian people" voted for terrorism!

Israel should begin talks with the Palestinian unity government (full article here), according to Israel's first Arab minister, Science, Technology, Culture, and Sports Minister Raleb Majadele, who refuses to sing Israel's national anthem.

There's debate within the Israeli Government about what to do.

Maybe the problem is "democracy?"

You can't limit your support for democracy and hinge, or condition it onto the results you want. That's how the United States and partners are getting stuck in Iraq. Changing it from a dictatorship to democracy won't solve the problems, since the people will just vote for new dictators. And L'Havdil, to differentiate, that was the same fatal flaw in Motetzet YESHA's totally miss-guided and poorly conceived "campaign" against Disengagement, which called for a "referendum," rather than explaining the dangers Disengagement would wreck on Israel.

The world must recognize that the sic "palestinians" support terrorism. They are not innocent peace-loving people mired in poverty. Take off your rose-colored glasses and take a good look at the truth!

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