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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

They aren't serious. Are they?

Peretz says he'd take Finance Ministry
After the damage he has already done as Defense Minister and in his previous position as head of the Histadrut Labor Union, how could anyone in their right mind give him the Finance Ministry?

Lieberman: Swap Peretz portfolio now
Honestly, wouldn't the country be better off if he was retired to a place far away from here? But Lieberman needs Peretz's support, since Lieberman wants to be Prime Minister after Olmert. That's why he's in the coalition, and that's why no matter what has happened, he hasn't quit!

PMs office: Don't publish Winograd testimonies
A proper investigation commission would have had its hearings public, but Olmert tried to tailor one to his own needs. Considering Olmert's one digit approval ratings, the commission isn't willing to follow his orders.

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