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Sunday, March 18, 2007


NOTE [from Yitz]: The following is an imaginary scenario, and is meant as a warning of what could, G-d forbid, happen here in Israel if we don't all wake up soon. I recently received it via e-mail, and will disclose its author's name in the comments if enough people request it.

The lessons of the 2006 war were well learned in the war councils of Teheran, Damascus and Cairo . Egypt and Iran entered a missile race to see who could supply more rockets to Israel 's enemies. Within barely a year of the war, over 20,000 new short and medium range missiles were aimed at Israel . When Syria entered the war on the third day, Israel was buried alive.
*Day One - In a massive coordinated attack, some 6,000 missiles hit the Tel Aviv area, knocking out much of the military's operating and intelligence networks. Hundreds die in the rubble. The survivors are in panic. The Israeli government has left the country before the airport is overwhelmed first by terrified civilians, then by the enemy.
*Day Two - Another 6,000 missiles are shot throughout the country, knocking out electricity and isolating army units into pockets, defeatable by anti-tank missiles. They are first attacked by the Palestinians and their missiles, then Israeli Arabs, then Arabs from everywhere.
*Day Three - Syria enters the war and fires 10,000 rockets on its first day. Israel is now in sheer chaos; it has all broken down. In East Jerusalem , 140,000 Arabs march to the Jewish West. They have burned the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and are now streaming out from every gate. Many Jews run to the forests, but they'll die of thirst if they manage to evade capture and fatal abuse. The Western Wall is destroyed with its rabbis and worshipers forced to watch. They are led away in tears. None is ever seen again. With the enemy coordinated and Israel without a chain of command, the nation has already disappeared. The enemy first takes over isolated settlements, breaking their defenses and their wills. The men are hunted down. They are gathered together to watch their wives and children raped. Anyone who dares turn his eyes away is shot, if he's lucky, fatally. Those who survive will soon dangle from the nearest meat hooks or other useful slow death apparati.
*Day Four - Word is out in Damascus , Cairo , Amman , and throughout the Middle East, that Israel is for the taking. The Zionist leaders were ready for flight and were gone. The people were left behind to be slaughtered. Syrian soldiers were now flushing "proud" Jewish soldiers out of the isolated IDF camps. Many of these soldiers were not going to fight to the end. They left the camps with their hands in the air, totally defeated. In the cities and towns, Israelis walked down shattered streets, looking for safety. There was none. It was better to be old and ugly and maybe get shot. For the attractive ladies dressed in top brands, death never came quickly enough. The lovely ladies of Judaism were mass raped, left to consider their fate in the ruins of their homes and then, maybe, shot only once through the head.
*Day Five - America calls for a UN ceasefire, but it is too late. The men in their Peugeots are rushing to Israel for the treasure or the scraps; maybe they'll have to settle for a feeble old man. If nothing else, he would know the humiliation of being sodomized. The Jews had sat back, ignored reality and let their government sell out the nation's resources and defenses. They couldn't see that the Jews had been infiltrated and their leaders were betraying them to death. And they won't see it next time, when the third Holocaust begins.

NOTE [from Yitz]: The above is an imaginary scenario, and is meant as a warning of what could, G-d forbid, happen here in Israel if we don't all wake up soon. I recently received it via e-mail, and will disclose its author's name in the comments if enough people request it.


Daniel Greenfield said...

there was a book put out after the 6 day war, what would have happened if heaven forbid the war would have been lost

Batya said...

There was the famous Israeli satirest who wrote:
"So sorry we won."

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Israel ,your faith is in the right place.
The Quartet will save you !


benning said...

I can only believe that G_D will not allow Israel to fall again. But it is possible. Once the secular Left gets into the Halls of Power the nation's well-being is lost. The only goal of the Left is to gain, hold, and extend power. The good is unimportant. Survival of the 'little people' is unimportant.

Only power is important to the Left. That's why they work hand-in-hand with the Pseudostinians and the Muslims.

ziontruth said...


"Pseudostinians"? "Pseudostinians"?


Great! Just great! Even better than my invention ("Pretendestinians")!

Batya said...

I have to remember that! Maybe if I write it a few times...
Pseudostinians, Pseudostinians, Pseudostinians....