Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Will they ever get it?

My blogging buddy, the mysterious Jameel, sent me a link to ben chorin, who confided that he had posted something he thought would be in bad taste. He deleted the post but then reposted it. It was addressed to the leftists in Haifa.
Here's what I commented:

No need to apologize for sure.They must be reminded over and over that it
was their insistance on throwing other Jews out of their/our homes
(Disengagement/Resettlement etc) that gave the Arabs the confidence to attack
Haifa, Tzfat, etc.

I really think that we shouldn't be overly sensitive to their feelings. They certainly don't show any sensitivity to the feelings of other Jews, and that's why they're suffering today. We all know that it's a rare child who won't stop touching something too hot until he's burnt. Most people can't theorize about the abstract. They have to experience it.

Of course G-d can't separate all the good from the bad to make it "fair." He has to work with nature.

Will the leftists whether in Haifa, Nahariya or Tel Aviv understand that its their insistance that Judea, Samaria, Gaza etc be "juden rein," empty of Jews, that has emboldened the Arabs? I firmly believe that G-d is waiting for their repentance. It really is up to us. We are not G-d's pawns.


Anonymous said...

Pulling out of Gaza was the worst thing Israel could have done. The muslims saw that as a sign of weakeness, and it encouraged them to continue their deranged campaign of terror against Israelis.

What was Sharon thinking??? I keep looking for his master plan, but I don't see it. Please explain.

Batya said...

It was "self-preservation" to keep his sons and himself out of jail.

Look back. Suddenly all the people who were against him loved him, because they knew that he was a great bull-dozer and could do what they wanted. In exchange they ignored the crimes.