Sunday, July 23, 2006

"Kera b'Am," A "Split in the Nation"

I'm glad that I decided to turn on the TV while eating breakfast.

Professor Aliza Shinhar of Haifa was being interviewed. Among other points, she mentioned the socio-economic difference between the vast majority of those who fled Haifa and those who are staying. In her, obviously upper-middle class or higher, apartment house, at present of the six apartments only two are occupied. The rest of her neighbors, 4/6 fled.

In the poorer areas, the proportion is the opposite. That's why the estimated percentage is 30-50%.

Only those with financial means are able to leave. The wealthier families are vacationing in the south, even if they're just taking advantage of the free beach area being offered. Without at least a family car, leaving home is just too difficult.

The rest of the northern residents, and that includes one of Israel's main cities, Haifa, are in the shelter, or sticking close to them. Many stores are closed, which means that
  • shopping is much more difficult
  • the shop owners aren't making any money
  • and if they are open, there's hardly anyone around to shop
  • supplies aren't always brought in

As hard as it is now, once the war is G-d willing over, the two sections of the once united society must somehow rejoin.

That will not be easy.

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