Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hardened Hearts

It is told to us in the Bible that G-d hardened Pharoh's heart and made it more and more difficult for him to permit the Jewish People to leave Egypt. Even plague after plague, and he would still insist that they stay.

If you haven't yet read this amazing compilation of interviews in Tel Aviv on Arutz 7, please do. To make it short, it's frightening in its consistency. People don't change their minds.

That's it in a nut shell. Those who were in favor of Disengagement refuse to see how it could be affecting the present security situation. Even if Tel Aviv is bombed, G-d forbid, they won't see it as a consequence of Disengagement, and the same people are in favor of further withdrawals.

The good news is that a surprising number actually claim to have been against Disengagement. The question is whether they would have the guts to say it in public in Tel Aviv. Arutz 7 reporters are of a different breed.

I'm sure that there are others who can put this in professional lingo, but people tend to interpret events to suit their "philosophies of life." They don't examine events with fresh minds.

That's probably related to the phenomena that if five people view an event, they will have five different reports.

and back to the theme here...
It seems like we're in for worse, since just like it took ten plagues for Pharoah to free the Jews, and even then he reneged, most of the Jewish People today apparently need to suffer lots more to comprehend the importance of our precious Land.

HaShem Y'Rachem!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's true...

The US has informed Israel that it has one week to finish things with hezbullah, before the US would call for a cease fire. I hope Israel tells us (the US) to sod off. But then again, a cease fire with Hezbullah doesn't stop Israel from bombing the heck out of hamas. And you just know that hezbullah can't play nice, and will violate the cease fire.

Good luck Israel! Most conservative Americans love you, and understand that you're fighting an uphill battle against evil.

Batya said...

It has been in the news.

Thanks for your support and good wishes.