Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"only thirty thousand"

That's what Otniel Schneller said on TV a few minutes ago.

According to his plan, "not 70,000, only 30,000" will be transfered, exiled from their homes. He keeps announcing that he knows how to plan it so that people will leave "willingly." He seems to enjoy "playing G-d" in his position as "token settler" in the Olmert government.

Typical, for a resident of southern Binyamin, the region just north of Jerusalem, Schneller totally ignores the Shomron in his plan. The furthest north he seems to go towards Shechem is Ofra, a good ten minutes south of my home in Shiloh. He's ready not only to wipe Shiloh off the map, but Elon Moreh and Kedummim also.

You may remember that just a few weeks ago, Olmert hinted that Ofra and Beit El weren't immune to his Resettlement Plans.

Nothing is very clear. Schneller has no real authority to make such fatal decisions. Olmert's support is from his own party is dropping.
"The chances right now of implementing realignment are very small. There are many
reservations, including my own," Construction and Housing Minister Meir Sheetrit
said Monday in his bluntest words to date against the plan. "I don't believe in
another unilateral withdrawal. What is going on in Gaza reinforces the
opposition to realignment."

What it boils down to is simple. G-d willing we're home, but the struggle isn't over, not by a long shot.


Anonymous said...

So that makes it 30,001 reasons why Israel shouldn't commit to the 'resettlement plan'.

I've been reading all the 'positive' slants that were put up when Israel left Gaza.

All now proven wrong.

To deceive some one is dishonest, to deceive your self is plain foolhardy.

The Pals won't stop their demands, EVER.

Each withdrawal is a surer sign of weakness and reward for Terrorism.

Israel is giving their military advantage away, in a delusional hope of gaining 'peace', nothing Israel could do, could be more wrong for Israel's security.

regards Aaron

Batya said...


some very strange and dangerous things are going on...