Monday, July 10, 2006

Who rules this country?

Attorney, Eliad Shraga, founder and head of The Israel Movement for Quality in Government, (aka dd#2's boss), said:

"The fashionable trend is now to lodge complaints with the media rather than the
police, due to the fact that the attorney general agrees to live with such

"One of two situations should be taking place – either there is
a real complaint and then a letter should be submitted to the attorney general,
who will then decide if it is right to launch an investigation or whether the
claim is unsubstantiated. In such a case, all of those lodging a complaint must
be tried, and the punishment for false accusations is three years in prison,"

It makes me wonder who really rules this country?! When you think about it, we remember what the media says and it's hard to remember details about trials, etc. We're also "fuzzy" about the actual laws and history and all that. But one screaming headline somehow stays.

Is it human nature, or just Israeli?

Now there are strange media goings on concerning the once untarnished Israeli President Katzav. He was always considered so squeaky clean, the perfect "all season" politician. Sfaradi, but accepted by the Ashkenaz elite, religious in his personal life, but no tell-tale kippah on his head, able to blend in blandly wherever he went.

I have no idea what he's really like. Is all this to stop his return to active politics?

Generally the presidency is a retirement stage, a way of honoring politicians who have had enough of the "kitchen," but not enough of the spotlight. It's a very ceremonial job, greeting ambassadors, etc. They're elected by the Knesset and have less day-to-day power than American Vice Presidents.

Katzav is finishing his final term, and he's "too young" to retire from public life. That's the only prediction I'll be making at this stage.

stay tuned....

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