Thursday, July 6, 2006

"OOM, SMOOM!" Do we really need the U.N.?

Raised in the states, I was taught that the United Nations is a very wonderful organization. I remember doing a project about it in the 6th Grade. (I was in PS 46, Bayside, NY.) From someplace, can't remember where exactly, I got a list of all the member countries, maybe there were 60 at the time, and I sent a poscard requesting information for my project. Lots of information came in the mail.

We were taught that the U.N. helps preserve world peace. And that the first attempt to establish such an organization failed, because the U.S. wouldn't join the League of Nations. The isolationists ruled.

By the time I finished high school, some of the tarnish had warn off. The United States paid a lot of dues and other fees. New York City, if I'm not mistaken, didn't get taxes on all the real estate occupied by the U.N. Also it didn't take long for the U.S. to lose control of things and find itself "condemned."

Then in May/June, 1967, the U.N. Peacekeeping Forces quickly packed and left when Nasser threatened Israel with anhialation.

It's almost forty years later, and things haven't gotten any better. Israel is constantly being condemned, even when it's obviously the victim.

For more information about the UNfair UN, see UN Watch.


123 said...

Pardon me B.M., slightly off-topic but interesting:

These are interesting comments from; Lt.-Gen.(ret.)Moshe Yaalon,IDF Chief of Staff.

Moshe Yaalon IS condemning Expulsions strongly, which is good, but he does this with interesting twists..

In the article; Moshe Yaalon states that Disengagement was a diversion from Sharon's legal and political troubles. YET PM Olmert pursues the identical path as Sharon.

So what is Olmert's excuse? Doe he too have Sharon's legal and political troubles?

Meanwhile; The warfare continues and so do the threats to expell more Israelis and give more Land to Arabs.

Moshe Yaalon additionally states that Disengagement led to an ArabHamas victory.

Well, regardless of the names used and stories told; The Arab warfare always continues. The International Community always makes UN resolutions and there are endless reports of mass sums of money.

So what leads to what?

Additionally; ArabHamas was "distinctly" promoted before the staging of that election. News pictures sent around the world showed ArabHamas figures wearing green baseball caps in group photos. Looked like they were attending a game.. An Arab military that targets civilians; all dressed up for the cameras.

And the cameras came..

Nevertheless, all things considered; Yaalon has made the statements.

(If an orange is under a fig tree; Should we expect more oranges to appear there? Someone had to put it there.)


Batya said...

Olmert has even more legal problems.

This was all so obvious. It means that people refused to admit what they saw.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to UN Watch. I was just appointed to local county Human Rights Council, very pro UN. I am anti-UN, so need all the info ammunition can get to educate HRC members.
The last thing the UN stands for is human rights. They have numberous spin off (stealth) groups for each of the UN's special interests, which makes their entrenchment concerning to me.
The Cranky Bubbe

Batya said...

Glad to be of assistance.