Thursday, July 13, 2006

Recipe for Disaster

Another slap at the New York Times. It ought to stop giving military advice. This lastest instructions for Israel is totally wrong. It's a recipe for disaster!

even when acting justifiably in the face of aggression, Israel best serves its
long-term security interests by acting wisely and proportionately. Its guiding
principle must always be to focus military actions as narrowly as possible on
those individuals, organizations and governments directly complicit in the
attacks, while sparing the civilian populations that surround them.

Says who? That's not how you win a war. It just fans the flame of terrorism.


Anonymous said...

A blogger another site today said: "A journalist preaching about morals is like a prostitute preaching on the virtues of chastity."

Certainly applies to the losers at the NYT.

Batya said...

can we say the same about politicians?