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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Trying to be "balanced"

Newsweek offers broad coverage of of the war Israel's in, but they're trying to be "neutral." Remember that it's an international news magazine and wants to sell to all.

At least that's how it seems when you read the list of headlines:
Ephron: Onscene in Haifa
Beirut: Foreigners Flee Lebanon
Dickey on Hizbullah's 'Miscalculation'
A Sleepless Night in Beirut

It's very different when you look at their photos, and they offer a number of "photo galleries." The choice is so lopsided, it's clear on whose side the editors are. There are lots of photogenic, miserable-looking children and fleeing foreign civilians. On the Israeli side, there's a bombed skyline and some soldiers praying. Now for someone like me the soldiers are just sweet kids with their Tefillin on. For someone not familiar with Jewish prayer, they probably look like strange monsters. From the choice of pictures, you wouldn't know that any Israeli children were injured or killed by the Arab rockets and missles.

The New York Times composed a fair-sounding title, Israel Strikes Lebanon After Hezbollah Missile Attack , but the pictures that illustrate the article are also one-sided. Somehow Arabs manage to look so suffering and innocent.

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