Sunday, July 2, 2006

A Couple of Carnivals

First come first served, or presented as is the case here.

And there's nothing more valuable than health, so read the Carnival of Healing! And how could we ever survive without food, so check out the Carnival of the Recipes. It has a very impressive presentation.

Last but not least, is Irina's awesome Havel Havelim! I made quite a mistake letting her go first. I've never seen an HH of such massive, comprehensive proportions. And just think, if I had taken number 76, I could have had everyone singing "76 Trombones!"

So please help this ol' lady out and not only send me your posts for #77 HH, but if you see something that should be included, don't be shy, send me the link. And while you're at it, if you see any posts suitable for the Kosher Cooking Carnival, please send them, too. Either send to shilohmuse at yahoo dot com or via Conservative Cat's handy form or the blog carnival one, and at the same time you may discover other carnivals to visit and enter...

Shavua Tov, and thanks in advance!!

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