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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ben Gurion's Limited Vision

Israel's present problems can be easily traced to its "founding fathers." The socialist-Zionists were more "socialists" than Zionists or Jews.

The Plague of Protexia started at day one. It's a foundation of the State and Israeli society. I'm not talking about the "speedy personnel lines" in the Clalit Sick Fund. I'm talking about the "Limited Vision," the small, secular, socialist country which Ben Gurion and followers established.

Their workers union, the Histadrut ruled, and it still does. That's why Amir Peretz was given the powerful Defense Portfolio, even though he has no idea how to defend, even his own city.

The British Mandate officials worked with them, and they were the ones who decided who could get "permits" to enter Eretz Yisrael. Revisionists and the religious were restricted. First priority were their socialist-Zionists compatriots. That was the top criteria.

That's why they've never admitted the immorality of the "sezon," when they turned over their fellow Jews to the British during the struggle for Independence. Ben Gurion, Rabin (was head of the attack unit) et al had no problems killing Jews on the Altalena, even though the arms on the ship were being brought in to free the Old City of Jerusalem, including the kotel. They preferred a state without the ancient city over working with Menachem Begin and his followers. Ben Gurion was not going to let Begin increase his popularity. Many believe that the attack on the Altalena was to kill Begin whose popularity had been increasing.

There was no grand vision of a Jewish State in all of the Land of Israel for all Jews. It was never part of their plan. The Jews who arrived so enthusiastically from Yemen and North Africa was shoved into tents and shacks. Ghetto-like neighborhoods and towns were built to house them, with inferior and secular educational opportunities, even though the immigrants were religious. Babies were kidnapped and given to childless and infertile Holocaust survivors. Just last Saturday night a neighbor sitting shiva told us how his parents searched for years for his brother who had disappeared from the hospital after birth in 1960.

That's why they reacted to our miraculous victory in 1967 as a burden. The Battle Plan was not to "take over territory." It was just to defend the "Auschwitz Lines," as described by Abba Eban. They didn't want to "rule over so many Arabs."

From the very beginning, the "seventh day," immediately after the war, Israel was already trying to "unburden" itself of the unwanted riches, the fruits of victory, our Biblical Homeland. The government forbade Jews from moving into the "gav hahar" area, the mountain range from Shechem, Shiloh, Beit El to Hebron in the south. Those are the Biblical locations, where our ancestors lived.

The only areas desired by Levi Eshkol's Labor government were those with agricultural potential such as the Golan and the Jordan Valley.

In June, 1967, as the dust cleared, the Arabs would have accepted anything we demanded of them. They understand force, and we had defeated them in a legendary way. Egypt and Syria attacked again on Yom Kippur in 1973 only because they smelled the weakness in the Israeli nation. Even after our victory, our politicians and philosophers had no idea what we were supposed to do.

Unfortunately, tragically, we've turned those victories into hell. Now we're still at war.

The only way of ending the war is to fight a war for true victory, the decimation and destruction of our enemies.

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