Tuesday, July 18, 2006

online polls

Many of the big news agencies are having online polls asking if Israel is "overdoing it."

Please vote in them, and if you see new ones, send them to me in the comments, and keep checking comments to see where to vote.

I'm not home enough to keep updating the actual post with the information.

Here's the CNN one.

As Al Capone used to say:
Vote early and vote often.


Anonymous said...

CNN makes me sick! At the gym, yesterday, I wanted to to scream because of how CNN is portrying the war. After they finished obsessing over President Bush saying that hezbum should knock that shit off, they proceed to cover the carnage in Lebanon... allowing a Lebonese representative to scream about disproportionate Israeli response, and how they don't understand why Israel is attacking them. I could barf! GEE, could it have anything to do with harboring hezbum, and the random kidnapping and slaughter of israeli citizens??? BOO HOO HOO, call the whambulance!

I wish someone would bomb Iran and Syria. How can the world just ignore them threatening to wipe Israel off a map? I'm pissded!

Thanks for the link, I'll be voting early and often and I'll pass the link aroud. Ofcourse, if it the poll favors Israel, don't expect CNN to promote it. They are called the Communist News network for a reason! ;)

Peace and Love to all Israelis!

goyisherebbe said...

Vote early and often. You attributed the quote to the right city (Chicago), but it was the late Mayor Daley who said it. He also said "we will rise to higher and higher platitudes".

Batya said...

goyish, check the link
I googled and got it.
also thought it was Daley.