Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today's Explosion

That's where I was yesterday. The TV news said it was between the Morasha and Yarkon Junctions. I passed there at least four times. I was dropped off at the Morasha Junction, then we drove to Rosh Ha'ayin, passing it again and then afterwards to the Giant Mall in Petach Tikvah and then passed by a fourth time on the way to Ariel. At this point the police haven't ascertained exactly what happened, but my contacts, who live and work in the area, say that even before the explosion traffic was slow, since they were searching for terrorists. Afterwards it ground to a halt.

For years I've been trying to explain to everyone that no part of Israel is immune from terrorism, and if people think that the terrorists will be satisfied with Gush Katif, the Shomron or the Hebron Hills, they're lying to themselves and in the process endangering us all.

The Arabs want Haifa more than they want Shiloh, even though they already have equal rights in Haifa.

None of the pollsters called me, but if they do I would say that I'm not pleased with the way the government is "fighting." We must aim for a complete victory and the total destruction of Arab terrorism. If not, it'll keep coming back in their attempt to totally destroy us, G-d forbid.


Anonymous said...

The muslim terrorists view appeasement as a sign of weakness. Give and inch and they will take your life!

This is a fight for your very survival, Israel. Give it your all and kill these monsters whereever you find them! If something is worth doing, it is worth doing 100%.

Batya said...