Sunday, July 16, 2006

War Nonsense or...

Take Out Your Umbrella--It's Raining Rockets in Chelm!

I'm not trying to be funny, since there really is a war going on, but not everything makes sense to my mind.

European citizens to be evacuated from Lebanon; The British army has sent two Royal Navy boats to the Middle case British citizens residing in Lebanon will have to be evacuated. ... but why not from Israel where Two Killed in Rocket Attacks Over the Sabbath and 500 Israelis injured since fighting began? We certainly didn't start this war. And not that I would flee, but bli eyin haraa (don't tempt the evil eye), it's quiet here in Shiloh.

Givati Brigade Leaves Central Gaza, Kassams Continue So what did we really accomplish?

Transfer of food and fuel into the Gaza Strip today - July 14th Why? If they don't suffer, they'll just continue to support the war and terror against Israel.

Pray that our people and politicians will be blessed with wisdom!

Shavua Yoter Tov!

Have a better week!


Anonymous said...

...but why not from Israel
Because Israel is not being blockaded. I have not heard any news, (though maybe my news sources are all biased), about all the sea and air routes out of Israel being closed due to the rocket attacks.
But yes, I do feel the British army should be preparing a peacekeeping force to move in to southern Lebanon/northern Israel to stop these attacks.

Batya said...

Israeli cities are being blitzed. Let the enemy civilians suffer!