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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Getting Ready, Good Timing, and f2f

I still have some last minute errands before going to New York.

For some strange reason my yahoo.mail isn't working, though other yahoo's are.

I'm sure that you'll find good things to read in goyisherebbe's posts. Maybe someone else will surprise us. I can't find out, since yahoo.mail won't open. If you want to reach me, the same address is at gmail.

This "little war" has me upset, since as I've mentioned, there's no battle plan. Actually the same situation existed in 1973, but then Arik Sharon was in his more "manifest destiny mode." While everyone, and I'm talking about the top generals, were literally freaking out after we were surprise-attacked on two fronts, Arik took over the southern and gathered forces and crossed the Suez Canal. That resulted in our holding even more land than before the war.

It's very true. The summer before (1973) my husband heard someone bragging about his army position by saying that he and Arik Sharon are practicing to cross the Suez Canal. Of course, nobody understood the significance of it until the we were attacked and we heard on the news what Arik had done.

Today, Arik's brain-damaged in more ways than one, and we don't have anyone with the vision he (and the country) were blessed with.

I'm so depressed about this "war," since it's really a battle, not a war. A war has an aim, and Israel is just on the defensive. Bombing Lebanon is only to make them stop bombing us. That's like putting a compress on a cut to make it stop bleeding when it needs stitches.

I hope to meet some of you f2f when in the states.


M. Simon said...

The War Aim should be to get Syria involved and defeat them.

Hopefully you can get iran to over react and get the USA to defeat them.

Batya said...

that's an idea