Tuesday, July 4, 2006

It was all so obvious

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER is supposed to be so smart with an enormous international fan club. I remember over a year ago, brainstorming with some friends. We were trying to think of ways to wake the world up. We knew perfectly well that Disengagement would bring war and more demands, not peace, not even quiet. One of the people my friends were hoping to convince was Charles Krauthammer.

We didn't manage then, but now, he woke up. Now, in Time Magazine, he's writing that:
...Palestinian government openly committed to terrorism and to the
destruction of a member state of the U.N. openly uses terrorism to carry on its

He was one of those who presumed that the Arabs had wanted a state, like other nations:
Do they begin building the state they say they want,
constructing schools and roads and hospitals? No.

Now he admits that the ultimate aim of the Arabs is the destruction of Israel.

Gaza is free of occupation, yet Gaza wages war. Why? Because this
war is not about occupation, but about Israel's very existence.
so-called cycle will continue until the arrow is abandoned and the Palestinians
accept a compromise--or until the arrow finds its mark and Israel dies.

I'm very glad that he has finally realized this, since lots more people read his articles than read mine.


beakerkin said...

The clueless people in the states do not understand Pan Arabism. When the conflict is framed properly support for Arabs is nill.
There never was such an ethicity as Palestinian.

The people of Brooklyn NY have a greater case for a distinct culture then Palestinians.

Batya said...

Hey, how'd you know I was born in Brooklyn?

yitz said...

I'm sorry, Batya, but Krauthhammer still doesn't get it. Like beakerkin wrote, they have no history, culture, etc. So why does Charlie write:
the first Palestinian territory in history to be independent, something neither the Ottomans nor the British nor the Egyptians nor the Jordanians, all of whom ruled Palestinians before the Israelis, ever permitted?
First, accept any territory given to them in any part of historic Palestine.
HISTORIC PALESTINE? Whom is he kidding????
See also the comment here:

Batya said...

You're right.