Tuesday, July 4, 2006

A bissel ointment on the gangrene

Yes, it seems to me that the Israeli incursion, isn't going to be any more effective against terror than putting some antibiotic ointment on serious gangrene.

The Israeli Government, my government, hasn't planned a war to rid the area of terrorism and guarantee us peace. It just wants to "reduce" the inconvenience and embarrassment of having the Minister of Defense's Sderot neighborhood blitzed by Arab weapons.

The little "incursion" won't make a dent on an Arab society that values sacrifice, even if it's of young children. The Arab leaders are preparing their people for more "martyrs."

Tonight on the TV news, they kept showing us where the Kassam landed in Ashkelon. It was next to a school. As you can see in the picture from the Jerusalem Post, everyone looks confused, not very comforting for a public which is losing faith in its government and defense forces.

Now that the Arabs solved some technical problems, they promise more.

Hamas' military wing, Izzadin al-Kassam, claimed responsibility for the
attack while claiming that the rocket had been upgraded to achieve a range of
over 15 kilometers.

That G-d forbid gives them the ability to reach a large portion of the country.

And the Shalit family is still in a hell that a number of Israeli families have never left. Not all Israeli soldiers have been rescued after capture by Arab forces.

"A bissel ointment on the gangrene" is a pretty mild title, once you think about it.


Anonymous said...

looked to see if there were any comments.
no comments.
probably every one who reads this has the same point of view... so there isn't much to comment on. you've said it for us. and there are a few others who've said similar things...
we read each others notes and words and sighs... and wait.
we wait for the big tragedy....
the big one, which is sure to come...
then the jews will wake up, we think... when it really hits. it's happened before... there are last minute escapes...
and then sometimes there aren't...

Batya said...

Why, if it's so obvious to us, are others so obtuse?

Anonymous said...

Keep writing!

All points-of-view are both valid and welcome. Besides, you're right. If a Nation is going to war it should go for Victory. Israel, IMHO, has suffered enough under Arab aggression and should make a definative answer to these hostile acts.

Batya said...

thank you!

Wormie said...

In the US we watch the news with a sickening feeling. There is so much support for Israel here, but the current military action is costing Israel some support in the US, and it frightens me terribly.

We all recognize Hezbollah for the terrorist organization that it is. However, the news shows innocent Lebanase dying and/or losing their homes, and Israeli's dying as well, but we see no real solution and the possibility that the clock of the peace process is quickly being turned back.

I hope and pray as my friends and family do, but I'm so saddened by what is happening.