Sunday, July 23, 2006

Leftist Vermont Journalism and My Response

I submitted the following as a letter to the editor:
As an American-Israeli citizen, I wish to clarify some points in your
editorial about the money the US supposedly sends Israel. First of all,
Israel never gets any of it. It is all spent in the US. All the money goes
to jobs for Americans in the US armaments industry. Congressmen like to
have jobs in their districts. Second, I as an Israeli would be more than
pleased to have Israel stop receiving US aid money. If Israel had had to do
without, it would have spent the last number of years developing and
producing its own weaponry for self-defense. Such weapons would have been
designed more appropriately for Israel's needs and we would be selling them
to other countries like India and China, who could also do without Wahhabi
Islamist terror. The truth is that America uses that aid to try to control
Israel so that it barely remains in existence. It pays off the oligarchy in
Israel, the partners in crime of the American oligarchs, to live well while
they serve foreign interests. The Europeans do that, too. Their divide and
conquer tactics make life bad for both the Israelis and the Arabs. American
taxpayers, please take back your three billion dollars real soon now and
spend them yourselves. Or put them in the bank. Just lay off the Middle

That was my letter to the editor. Let's see if they print it. Readers, what do you think about the style of my response? I was trying to pitch it to the independent, don't-tread-on-me attitude prevalent in the Green Mountain state.


Anonymous said...

The original editorial points to the fact that Vermont has the highest per capita rate of deaths in the war. Well, that shouldn't be news, since the state's population is 5-600,000. Vermont also lost the highest per capita in the Civil War (I read that in a book by Sen. Jim Jeffords) and perhaps other American wars.

I wonder how much the writer of that editorial knows about this Vermonter who was one of the first Americans to be killed in Iraq, Marine Cpl. Mark Evnin. Read both.

Anonymous said...

btw, I notice that the Evnins' synagogue in Burlington is the one listed on J-Blogosphere as holding an Israel solidarity rally. Why am I not surprised....