Friday, July 21, 2006

an "only in Israel story"

This afternoon on the TV the pre-Shabbat show was very special. The rabbis had an "open line" for people to call with "sha'aylot," questions pertaining to Jewish Law.

Various people, especially in the areas the Arabs have been blitzing, asked important questions. (most of what I had written was lost when I had to close down explorer)

There were some very good questions about how to keep Shabbat during the ongoing war.

A couple of people asked about going to synagogue. One said that her husband and children were afraid to go out: "What if there's suddenly an alarm?" The rabbis said that it's important to get out and doven with others, not to wait around the house.

Another asked about going to synagogue if it's far away, so the rabbi suggested organizing a minyan nearby, even if there's no Torah Scroll.

Someone else said that the electric timer turns the lights off in the shelter, and what if they need to go in late at night. The rabbi said to change the setting, so that there will be light on all night, until dawn.

There were questions about using the phone on Shabbat for various reasons. The one answer I'll give concerns when the children are in the army. The rabbis reminded the questioner that if G-d forbid anything happens, the army notifies the family, so they should just have a



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Shabat Shalom

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