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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Shabbat Shirah 5775 Havel Havelim

Take out your cymbals, castanets, bells, horns and drums. There must be something to celebrate!  I used to dance down Fifth Avenue to celebrate the fact that we have a Jewish State, the State of Israel. I can imagine being right behind the Biblical Miriam as she rallied the women and then all of the people to celebrate our escape from Egypt with singing and dancing.

Salute to Israel Parade, 1968
Yes, I'm one of the dancers

Havel Havelim, the long running, weekly international Jewish blog carnival that has been appearing well over a decade. It was begun by Soccer Dad who no longer blogs. He coordinated it for quite a while. Now we use our facebook page to coordinate and publicize it. That's where we sign up to host an edition (Hint! Hint!) and see the latest Jewish blog news. Join the page and become part of the community. 
Next week's Havel Havelim will be hosted by Tzivia of Adventures in Aliyahland and a number of other fantastic blogs. You can send in your links to  tzivia@aliyahland.com with a one-line description of your post and HH as "subject." Our weekly deadline is before Shabbat "your time."

Please read, comment and share the various links and the Havel Havelim, too.

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Join us celebrating Rosh Chodesh, Women's Prayers at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh!
Real Jerusalem Streets discovers Hidden Treasures.
Yael's perspective. She discusses the frustration of feeling a loss of independence because of language barriers. Yet sees the struggles and challenges melting away לאט לאט Slowly, Slowly.
Real Jerusalem Streets posts in Israellycool about the inaccuracies, the distortions in Reuters photographs.
Rabbi Ben-Zion Spitz Choose Your Weapon Carefully
Jacob Richman 70 multiple choice questions about Jewish food to the Jewish Trivia Quiz.
Yocheved Golani shared looks at the aging process, and a few life lessons, with her readers this past week. Let's join them at Surviving Old Age.
IMHO I May End Up Voting for Jewish Home, Because It's Nothing Like The Old NRP
If you're interested in kosher food and kosher restaurants, here's the latest Kosher Cooking Carnival!
There never was a Palestine, so How Can Israel be Occupying a "Country" that has Never Ever Existed?
Next week's host Tzivia What Jewish looks like: opening up the ortho-BOX.
Redefining Rebbitzin The Cadence of Kaddish
Tzedek, Tzedek What is a Rabbi?
Israel Brews and Views Six "winter holiday" ales
Reesa's World The Good of the Land
A Damaged Mirror, On the Liberation of Birkenau
Ruti Mizrachi book review, Potatoes in bread is as funny as it sounds
Israellycool Latest Palestinian Blood Libel: Invasion Of The Child Snatchers
First One Through What do you Recognize in the Palestinians?
A Soldier's Mother May Their Memories be Blessed
Abu Yehuda How Europe and the US subvert Israel’s sovereignty
My Right Word How Deep the 'Valley'

And just in case you've forgotten...
Please read, comment and share the various links and the Havel Havelim, too.

You don't have to be a blogger to participate, read, comment and
 share Havel Havelim!!

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