Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Truth, Justice and The American Way," Not Obama For Sure

Those of my generation grew up hearing the phrase:
"Truth, Justice and The American Way"
It was a pledge to lead the world in morality and justice for all.

No doubt; if Obama had been there, the P.A.'s Abbas wouldn't have had been the only one with a big grin plastered on his face.

Even the expats, like myself, rather disenchanted in today's America certainly expected to see the American President among the world leaders at the anti-terrorism rally in France. With Obama's above average physical height, he would have certainly ended up in the center, so the photos would look well-balanced. But not only didn't Obama bother showing up, he didn't even send any important figure from his administration, not his Vice President, nor his Secretary of State or even his wife.


The 21st Century United States of America isn't the country I once knew. It seems like all the old value systems have gone kaput.  There was a time, not all that long ago, when the American President would drop all plans and rush to show his horror at such brutal terrorism. Even if the only real reason he'd be going would to show that America condemns terrorism and cares about freedom and justice more than any other country.

It's clear that the United States is no longer a world leader fighting for truth and justice. The American way is back to the pre-World War Two isolationism.


David Shlomowitz said...

The American Way still exists but only by the citizens. The current administration does NOT reperesent the American citizens and unfortunately they are lame duck and have nothing to lose by continuing on their path to destroy American values. Rav Meir Kahane Zecher Tzaddik VKadosh Livrocha may Hashem speedily avenge his blood used to say the people are numb and dumb. No one vetted Obama, his legality of being American born is shakier than someone with Parkinson's and the poll results showing precincts where he won 110% of the vote were never investigated.
In a way he did not fool the people In “Audacity of Hope” he (Actually BillAyers who ghost wrote the book) writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” but people were too numb and dumb to understand what that meant

Batya said...

Oy, so sad.
Obama was elected for racist reasons, davka for his color, which is just as immoral as opposing someone for their color. The vote was an anti-white vote which is pure racism.

Mr. Cohen said...

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Batya said...

What an awful situation.