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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Does The World Need Another Arab State? Stop The "Palestine" State!

It's no secret that modern apartheid and a total lack of basic human and civil rights are the hallmarks of Arab countries:

 The Most Revealing Video About The Middle East You Will Ever See

Just like in the 1930's when Hitler and his Nazis took over Germany and began their systematic discrimination against the Jews there, and the world was silent, now the world and the antisemite-controlled United Nations say nothing about the lack of freedom in Arab countries and the true aims of the so-called Palestinians sic.
Palestinian Membership of International Criminal Court Would be Dangerous ‘Game-Changer’ for Israel, Legal Expert Says
As a pragmatist I see the so-called Palestinians sic as not only a danger to the security and existance of the State of Israel, but to world peace. And I'm glad that the Security Council voted their request for statehood down.

Israel Video Network

The problem is that this is just a temporary "setback" for them. In principle the countries that vetoed their bid, the United States and Australia are not against Palestinian statehood in general, just against this "method" of achieving it. And you may be surprised to hear that Israel's official policy is the same.

Every since Prime Minister Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu declared his support of the "Two State Solution," via negotiations, Israel and the United States are on the same "team."

  • Both countries, the USA and Israel want to establish the "State of Palestine."
  • They want it to be the result of "Peace negotiations" between Israel and the Arabs.
So this vote against Statehood doesn't cheer me up all that much. It's just a postponement of a very dangerous scenario. 

Don't forget that the ultimate aim of the so-called Palestinians  is the destruction of the State of Israel!!!


Ellen said...

thanks for providing that graphic on the the vote. helps people to understand how things are lining up

Anonymous said...

we all know where this is going, we see the tactics and options. the real question is how to stop this madness

Sammy Finkelman said...

The membership of the Security Council changed today, and they will try again. While Australia was replaced by New Zealand, Rwanda was replaced by Angola... and South Korea by Malaysia!

That could mean they would get nine votes now and fail only because of the U.S. veto.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Also Argentina, which is bad enough, was replaced by Venezuela, and Luxembourg by Spain.

Batya Medad said...

Yes, true, thanks. They timed it for their own reasons.
We should just leave the UN.