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Thursday, January 29, 2015

War Again?


Yesterday two IDF soldiers were killed and seven injured by enemy attacks in the north.
Two IDF soldiers were killed and seven others were wounded, most of them suffering shrapnel injuries and broken bones, in an attack on northern Israel launched Wednesday at 11:35am by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization.
A UNIFIL peacekeeper from Spain also died in the exchange of artillery fire that followed.
The multi-pronged attack on Mount Dov, Mount Hermon and the Metullah area in northern Israel involved gunfire and anti-tank missiles directed at a convoy of two IDF vehicles and two civilian vehicles traveling from Mount Dov. Both of the unarmored army jeeps were hit directly. (Jewish Press)

Ordinary Israeli citizens have barely recovered from the war this past summer, which had Tel Aviv sprinting to shelter and citizens of the south realizing that the sounds under their feet weren't paranoid hallucinations. There really were/are Arab terrorist tunnels under their homes and schools. Now it looks like our Northern enemies are itching for a war against us.
Troops remain along border, continue drilling for tunnels near Zir'it. (Jeruslaem Post)
This is not good! For years residents of the North had also complained of strange sounds under their feet, and the chances are that like in the South, the Arab terrorist enemies have been building a sophisticated network of tunnels in order to enter and leave Israel undetected.

We're a month and a half from Israeli Knesset Elections which are a couple of years ahead of schedule. Serious security problems will make Israelis focus on that, rather than the social issues the Left promotes. But Bibi's problem will be that he didn't "finish" the war in the south last summer. He left our brave IDF soldiers and most of the public feeling very frustrated and angry.

For much too long, our wars have been incomplete. Instead of demanding total surrender from our enemies, we beg for a ceasefire. And in exchange we send our soldiers home and our enemies work hard so that they'll be in a stronger position next time. And then each "next time" comes faster.

This is not good!

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